How to Clean Your Concrete Floor After Grinding

Concrete Grinding And Polishing

Concrete floor grinding is an important process that helps smoothen out a concrete floor and give it a clean and even finish. It is crucial for individuals who want to build a beautiful decorative concrete floor in their homes.

Only with proper concrete floor grinding, should an individual consider concrete floor polishing in Melbourne. However, a common hang-up with concrete grinding is the massive amount of mess, it can create in a given space. While concrete grinding is an important step for most home improvement projects, as they help remove any textured edges, it is imperative to clean the floor after the grinding process is finished. This is because the concrete grinding process will create a build-up of fine dust that takes a long time to remove.

As such, cleaning a concrete floor once the grinding process is finished is a process that needs to be taken with utmost seriousness to ensure that multiple sessions are not required.

Let us take a look at a few key tips for cleaning a concrete floor.

What To Avoid

When talking about problems like dust build-up, it is common for many individuals to go with the first solution that comes to their mind, which is using a household vacuum. This is hardly surprising considering that many homeowners would want to use the items that are immediately available in their vicinity. This method is not unacceptable however, it can lead to a lot of issues that are not worth the trouble. For one, removing fine concrete dust from the flooring with the help of a household vacuum will prove futile as a household vacuum will not have the required suction to comprehensively get all the fine dust off. Even if you have a top-of-the-line household vacuum, they are simply not built to handle concrete dust as their filtration systems are meant for household use. It goes without saying that a household vacuum will be heavily damaged if it is used to clear out concrete dust.

Thus, in order to clean a decorative concrete floor comprehensively, the best machine for the job would be an industrial vacuum. Industrial vacuums are able to handle jobs of this nature without any complexity. Certain places will put up industrial vacuums for hire. However, it is always recommended to seek the help of professionals who have the right equipment and know-how to take care of this cleaning job.

The Primary Industrial Vacuum Check

Now that you know the kind of vacuum you require, the next step to take care of any dust build-up after your concrete floor polishing in Melbourne is done to find a vacuum that has a particularly powerful airflow rate.

There will be no shortage of options when it comes to choosing an industrial vacuum. However, an easy way to narrow down the search is to simply check the airflow rate. A machine with a higher airflow rating will be able to collect dust at a much faster and efficient rate as compared to low-end machines. It goes without saying that in order to rent a machine with a high airflow rating, you will be expected to pay more. However, these machines are completely worth it and end up paying for themselves with how good of a job they do in cleaning decorative concrete floors.

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