Food Grade Floor Coatings


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At Home Concrete Solutions we the experience and knowledge to make sure your floor meets the requirements required as a food grade floor. Whether it be a butcher shop or large commercial space, we have the machinery and people to get the job done right.

Food grade floor coatings are one of the most challenging forms of high-performance floors. They are a very safe and economical alternative to other forms of commercial concrete flooring solutions like polished, vinyl or densified concrete. Industrial and commercial concrete coatings create a seamless, resilient finish that boasts superlative stain and chemical resistance.

The floor finish in commercial and industrial settings is critical to the smooth functioning of business. Any bumps or cracks on the floor surface can have grave consequences including slip and fall hazards.

We make sure our concrete sealing and coatings provide the perfect stain-resistant, smooth finish to your concrete flooring, which are suitable for outdoor and indoor applications. Some of our previous projects include hairdressing salons, showrooms, dog kennels, restaurants, factories, warehouses, railway stations and more


A slippery surface can cause accidental slips, falls and trips. The financial liability of such an incident can be very high. Thankfully, most slips and falls could be prevented with anti-slip coatings, which improve the grip wear of your floor whilst prolonging its life.

HCS provides a range of anti-slip coatings for all forms of concrete surfaces in industrial and commercial premises across Sydney. We will modify the concrete surface at a microscopic level to improve its grip and durability for all types of footwear including pneumatic and solid tyres.


A grinding and sealing service from HCS is all you need to restore your faded, worn-out floor quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. We offer all types of floor grinding and sealing solutions at competitive prices.

Our qualified technicians will grind your concrete floor to create a smooth surface and update a floor that has become rough. This process is also a great way to level uneven surfaces.
We will remove all existing floor coatings and surfaces including glue and paint and prepare the surface for the process. We will then grind, polish, stain or resurface the floor to create a level surface and remove all trip hazards.

Whether you are looking for a high-gloss or matt finish, we will provide the perfect solution to suit your requirements.


Polyurethane boasts the same resistant qualities of epoxy coatings and are UNV-stable whilst also offering a more comfortable and flexible surface to walk on. That’s why polyurethane is often used as a topcoat on epoxy coatings.


Epoxy floor coatings are extremely popular in commercial and industrial applications across Australia. They are used to bind or seal a concrete floor. When applied, an epoxy floor coating creates a chemical-, slip- and abrasion-resistant finish, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. It could also be used as a decorative layer.


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