How Much Does Epoxy Flooring Cost

Epoxy flooring is quickly becoming one of the most popular flooring options for both residential and commercial spaces. This durable and decorative floor coating is made from epoxy resin, a liquid plastic that hardens to form a smooth, protective layer over concrete and other surfaces. Installing an epoxy floor can give dated concrete a slick, modern look for a fraction of the cost of replacing your floors entirely.


But what exactly does it cost to have epoxy floors installed? While cheaper than other flooring materials upfront, the cost of epoxy flooring is dependent on several factors. These include the type of epoxy used, additional decorative finishes, the size of the space, and professional installation versus DIY application. To help you determine if epoxy is the right budget-friendly flooring solution for your home or business, here is an overview of the costs associated with epoxy floor coatings.


Epoxy Flooring Price Per Square Metre


The cost of epoxy flooring materials is typically measured by the square metre. For a basic two coat application over a prepared concrete surface, expect to pay between $30-$40 per square metre for materials and labour.

However, many homeowners and businesses opt for a more decorative look with coloured, flaked or metallic finishes. This adds anywhere from $30-$65 more per square metre:


  • A standard epoxy floor with decorative flakes costs $40-$60 per square metre installed
  • Metallic epoxy with a glitzy, shimmery look is $60-$120 per square metre
  • Top-of-the-line decorative finishes like colour shifting floors can be $100+ per square metre


The type of epoxy used also impacts the price per square metre. Water-based epoxies tend to be the most affordable at around $15-$25 per litre. 100% solid epoxy is mid-range at $30-$50 per litre. Solvent-based formulas are the most expensive at $50+ per litre. Any custom tinting or colouring adds more cost as well.


Overall, while epoxy is more affordable upfront than premium floors like stone, tile or hardwood, the decorative finishes can make it cost more than basic concrete. Get free estimates to compare professional installation costs per square metre for your space.


Epoxy Flooring Installation Costs


One way to save money on epoxy floors is to tackle the installation as a DIY project. DIY epoxy flooring requires buying the supplies – primers, resins, colourants, sealants – along with application tools like squeegees, rollers and more. With some handy skills and a weekend to spare, DIY installation can be virtually free when it comes to labour.

However, for best results most homeowners or businesses hire professional epoxy flooring installers. This guarantees an experienced, high quality finish. Professional installation costs $3-$7 per square metre on top of epoxy material costs. For large commercial spaces, bulk discounts may apply.


It’s worth noting that professional epoxy floor coating is still cheaper to install than most other floor surfaces. Ceramic tile installation runs $10 per square metre or more. New hardwood flooring installation averages $4-$8 per square metre. And that doesn’t factor long term maintenance costs like grout cleaning or wood refinishing.


Get estimates on epoxy floor coating installation from experienced local contractors. Their quote will reflect your exact project size and specifications after on-site evaluation. Expect some variability in prices depending on your location, the company, experience level, and any custom finishes.


Epoxy Flooring Maintenance Costs


One of the major advantages of epoxy floors is extremely low maintenance costs after installation. Quality epoxy floors are highly durable, made to withstand heavy metre traffic and constant use. They resist scratches, scuffs, cracks, and wear far better than bare concrete, tile, or hardwood.


The non-porous surface also makes cleaning simple. Dirt, chemical spills, and other messes wipe away without absorbing into the resin. Annual cleaning costs are nearly zero. There’s no need for re-grouting, intensive scrubbing, or re-waxing an epoxy floor. It simply requires an occasional sweep and mop to look like new for over a decade.


Compare that to maintenance costs for other popular floors:


  • Polished concrete must be re-sealed every 2-3 years
  • Tile and grout requires professional steam cleaning every 1-2 years – $3-$6 per sq. metre
  • Hardwood floors need sanding and refinishing every 8-10 years for $4+ per sq. metre


The durability and ease of cleaning adds up to huge savings. An epoxy coated floor can potentially last over 25 years with minimal maintenance costs. This extreme long term value offsets the higher upfront material and installation prices.


Epoxy Flooring Value Over Time


When considering flooring costs, it’s important to take a long view on value. Epoxy floors do have a higher upfront price tag than basic concrete, laminates, or vinyl options. However, the long lifespan and minimal maintenance requirements make it a very worthwhile investment.

An epoxy floor can last over 25 years with minimal wear and tear. The protective coating prevents cracks and stains. It retains its shine year after year with basic cleaning. Compare that lifespan to 10 years or less for most carpeting or wood floors.


Tile and stone may last long, but require intensive professional cleaning and re-grouting to maintain appearances. Over decades, that continual maintenance adds huge costs – from $3 per square metre yearly for tile cleaning to over $4 per square metre every 5-10 years for hardwood sanding and refinishing.


With epoxy floors those annual and long term maintenance costs are practically $0. Factor in the exceptional durability and an epoxy floor purchased today will still be going strong in 25+ years for less lifetime cost than most flooring. That extreme value makes epoxy a fantastic investment for any home or business.


Epoxy Floors – The Long Term Low Cost Solution


When it comes to your home or business, choosing the right floor is a big decision that impacts aesthetics, functionality, comfort and of course – your budget. Ultimately, epoxy floor coatings provide an exceptional value over time.


The upfront material and installation costs fall somewhere between basic concrete and premium surfaces like stone or hardwood. Yes, you can pay less initially for laminate, vinyl or carpet, but none of those budget options last nearly as long or retain their appearance.

Over years and decades, epoxy floors shine for a fraction of the cost of replacing carpet every 5-10 years or refinishing scratched hardwoods. The minimal maintenance requirements also save hugely on costs down the road.


For homeowners or businesses on a budget, epoxy delivers everything you want – durability, aesthetics, ease of cleaning – all for minimal lifetime costs. There’s simply no more cost-effective flooring solution with this level of performance and longevity. Choose epoxy floors for the long term low cost option.

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