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Home Concrete Solutions is a Melbourne based company; we specialise in providing the best epoxy flake flooring supplies that offer quality finish to your floors. Our team are well-versed with the floor installation techniques and methods to ensure our quality work stands the test of time regardless of the external conditions surrounding the floors.

Over the years, we have worked on a variety of flooring projects, ranging from residential properties to industrial areas. With our epoxy floor repairs, grinding, polishing and coating solutions, we are sure you’ll be impressed with the results.

Flake flooring is quite popular in the Australian market due to its vibrant look and non-slip surface. Once you install flake flooring in your space, you do not have to worry about maintaining it. The epoxy floors can be kept dust-free without regular dusting and moping.

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  • Our team’s expertise lies in handling residential, commercial and industrial flooring jobs
  • Over 10 years experience in the industry
  • Served hundreds of customers
  • Team of skilled floor specialists
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Our epoxy flake suppliers follow a systematic approach when it comes to handling large-scale epoxy flooring system projects. We celebrate innovation by constantly researching and developing efficient flooring systems and applications.

Our highly qualified team has in-house epoxy flake flooring supplies for large or small projects that require epoxy concrete coatings, repairs and maintenance services.

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We have successfully become an industry leader in providing epoxy floor installation services. Our customers rely on our expertise and professionalism when it comes to choosing professional floor installation services in Melbourne. We bring you a variety of decorative epoxy flake flooring systems, that offer long-lasting results and can be easily customised to meet the settings and aesthetics of any space.


  • First, we start with concrete grinding and repairs. The concrete surface is prepared and cleaned thoroughly. We ensure the upper surface has no traces of dust and dirt. The underlying concrete and epoxy create a strong chemical bond which further strengthens the epoxy coating.
  • If the concrete has cracks and holes, we fill them with epoxy patching materials. The levelled surface is created that eliminates any floor imperfections.
  • Epoxy and flake coatings are applied that provide base colour and traction to the surface.
  • Once the epoxy coat penetrates the concrete surface, a coat of Urethane is applied that forms a seal over the flakes and adds shine to the surface.

The best thing about epoxy flake floors is that they can last in industrial or public spaces settings.

Looking for epoxy flake flooring supplies? We are just a call away. Connect with our friendly and experienced professionals via phone call on 03 9462 2568. We ensure the best flake flooring finishes and complete the project as per the timeframe set by our clients.