Concrete Repairs

Concrete Repairs


HCS offer professional concrete repair services to restore your concrete driveway to its former glory. We use a variety of techniques such as concrete crack injection to provide a reliable and lasting solution.

Our concrete floor and driveway repair specialists have the skills, experience and technology to provide a quick solution to all your concrete woes. With over 10 years of experience in concrete repairs in Melbourne, we will:

  • Inspect your concrete surface for a complete analysis.
  • Chart out a professional solution to repair your concrete.
  • Reduce your cost of repairing concrete.
  • Offer extended warranties for your complete peace of mind.


  • Joint Mastic Replacement  – Joint mastic refers to the soft material that’s placed between two concrete slabs. In the absence of the joint mastic, cement slabs will crack and break as they move and expand over time. Our technicians can repair any damaged or worn joint mastic material to appropriately protect your concrete surface.
  • Joint Edge Replacement – This is the process of restoring the edges where two concrete slabs meet. This joining area is especially prone to wear and tear over the years. Our concrete driveway repair specialists will professionally repair and restore this area to create a strong, uniform surface.
  • Crack Repair – Concrete can crack for many reasons including chemical reactions, blunt force or even poor construction. We will thoroughly inspect the cracks to identify the cause. This way, we are not only able to repair the damage but also ensure that such damages do not recur in the future.
  • Slab Stabilisation – When there are gaps or voids in cement slabs, they may destabilise. Slab stabilisation is a preventive and restorative procedure that’s designed to stabilise or even restabilise a slab. This process reduces and prevents cracking and other structural damages to the cement slab.
  • Concrete Cancer Repairs – Concrete cancer appears when the steel that’s used to reinforce a concrete slab begins to rust. With time, the rust will expand and displace the surrounding concrete, making it brittle and resulting in cracks. Through this extensive process, we will restore your concrete structure to perfect health.


Cracks and cancer can prove to be a costly problem for your residential or commercial property. It’s important to identify the root cause of the problem to prevent the problems from recurring and escalating into a costly project.

Our concrete repair specialists offer a wide range of solutions including:

  • Polymer modified repair mortars
  • Corrosion inhibitors
  • Shortcrete repairs
  • Epoxy repair mortars
  • Magnasite removal and repairs

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