Concrete Grinding and Polishing

Concrete Grinding And Polishing


Refresh your faded or old concrete floors with our specialised concrete grinding and polishing services. With a team of fully trained, qualified and experienced technicians, we are Melbourne’s leading specialists for grinding, polishing and sealing concrete.

We offer an unmatched service for concrete grinding in Melbourne from start to finish and are transparent with all our clients. Our concrete grinding and restoration services are available to residential, commercial and industrial premises across Melbourne. No matter the size or scope of the job, we assure you of a professional service for concrete grinding in Melbourne and the highest standard of quality.

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Concrete grinding and polishing is the process of smoothing down a rough concrete surface to unveil a shiny and smooth surface.

This process involves the use of concrete grinding machines to create a high level of smoothness and shine.

Concrete polishing achieves a mechanical polished effect in a range of finishes including stain, matt or high gloss. It is a multi-step and complex process involving up to 15 steps of grinding, grouting, applying hardener/densifier and polishing your concrete floor.

The level of concrete grinding and polishing will depend on your personal preference and the level of shine and the type of exposure you desire. Should you need help choosing the right finish and effect, our qualified team will provide sound advice.


Concrete floor grinding and sealing is a more affordable alternative to concrete polishing. This is a much simpler process involving up to 6 steps of concrete grinding services, grouting and the application of a concrete sealer.

This concrete floor grinding service is offered in a variety of exposure levels and sheen levels including satin, matt and gloss. The concrete floor grinding and restoration specialists at HCS will work with you to create the desired effect effectively, efficiently and affordably.

Benefits of Our Concrete Floor Grinding and Polishing Services

  • Limitless Possibilities –Choose from a range of concrete floor grinding service options to create a unique, distinctive concrete floor. We can embed objects like glass, pebbles and natural stone in a range of colours to create a truly customised floor to suit your taste, lifestyle and requirements.
  • Improved Slip Resistance –When maintained well, these floors offer better slip resistance with concrete grinding services compared to waxed surfaces. This can minimise health and safety issues and other related risks.
  • Stain Resistant Floor –The process of concrete floor grinding and mechanical polishing will seal your concrete floor, making it dense and far more resistant to oil, water and other contaminants.
  • Improve Aesthetic Appeal –The concrete floor grinding service and polishing process reveals the natural beauty of the concrete surface. Moreover, by applying concrete stains, we can create the look of expensive polished stone like granite or marble.
  • Enhanced Durability –A sealed and well maintained concrete floor is known to stand the test of time and deliver lasting results.
  • Eco-Friendly –The entire process of concrete floor grinding is eco-friendly and causes no harm to the environment in any way. The process produces minimal waste whilst improving the indoor air quality by eliminating/reducing mildew, mould and dust.

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