7 Benefits Of Epoxy Flake Floors

If you are living in Australia, then it is highly likely that at some point in time you have walked across epoxy flake floors.

Epoxy flooring in Melbourne is widely desired due to the wide array of benefits it provides when it comes to a floor’s longevity as well as ease of maintenance. Due to these reasons, epoxy floor coating in Melbourne has become a norm for most commercial regions as they can benefit the most from this long-lasting and high-quality finish.

There are a large number of benefits when it comes to epoxy flake floors. Let us take a look at a few.


It might be surprising to know that epoxy flake floors are one of the most cost-effective floor types to install. The installation process itself is a lot more affordable than many individuals might expect and this comes even more important as when applying an epoxy floor coating for a commercial set up the square footage is usually massive and when using epoxy flake flooring, the relative cost at such a large-scale tends to be extremely economical compared to most other flooring options.


One of the strongest benefits of epoxy flooring in Melbourne is its relatively short installation time. Most other types of floors require a long period to install during which time the place of business itself is subject to a high amount of downtime. Fortunately, you do not have to deal with the annoying process of closing down your business for a long period if you intend to have epoxy floors installed. The installation process itself takes less than three to five days for most commercial spaces and the epoxy coating itself takes very little time to set properly as compared to other coating variants.

Slip Resistance:

A problem with many high sheen coatings is the fact that the gloss ends up causing the floor to be extremely slippery, which is highly undesirable in regions with high foot traffic. As such, epoxy floor coating in Melbourne will allow you to not only have a floor coating that has a very high sheen, but also one that is exceptional when it comes to slip resistance. While this is surprising considering that epoxy floors have a smooth and shiny surface which leads many individuals to believe that it would be slippery as well, an epoxy floor is a highly safe surface for thousands of people who might walk across it on any given day.


One of the strongest benefits of epoxy flooring in Melbourne is the extremely low maintenance that goes into helping the flooring keep its shine. In fact, keeping your epoxy flooring looking good as new is extremely easy especially when one considers that all you need to do to clean such a floor is a mild bit of brushing and mopping. After multiple years the flooring might start to lose a very mild bit of shine in which case, the occasional buff or two will ensure that the floor is restored to its original appearance.


Epoxy flake floors are widely favoured in commercial and industrial facilities thanks to their exceptionally high durability. The lifespan of an epoxy flake floor is truly astounding as it can outlive most other floor counterparts. This lifespan is not hampered in the least with an exponential increase in foot traffic and due to the resistant coating, any falling objects will not cause deep cracks or stains on the flooring. This is one of the reasons behind epoxy floor coating in Melbourne being highly prevalent in industrial facilities as any chemicals or solvents that slip onto the floor can be easily wiped off without any long-lasting damage on the floor surface itself.


As mentioned previously, epoxy floor coatings are best applied in commercial and industrial facilities. However, this does not mean that epoxy floors are only relegated to that one setup. In fact, epoxy flooring in Melbourne is widely prevalent in a lot of suburban housing as everyone wants a floor option that requires very little maintenance while still lasting a lifetime. Any kind of business or organisation premises can benefit from epoxy flake floors. Whether it is a waiting room, a showroom, or even an industrial facility where heavy machinery is in constant operation.

Visual Appeal:

The strongest selling factor of an epoxy floor coating in Melbourne is its striking visual aesthetic. Epoxy flake floors can create a look that can completely overhaul the decor of a room. Any given living space that might have seemed unimpressive at first will have its look and visual appeal significantly increased with epoxy flake floors. Furthermore, these floors come in a wide array of different types of colours, patterns, and designs that a person can choose from to help create a more vibrant look.

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